Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tool #10

I love having an i-phone.  At any moment I have an instant way to look up information.  It is especially helpful when traveling or looking up phone numbers or addresses.  When working with my son on his homework away from home, I still had technology to rely on in case we had questions.  I also enjoy being able to download music, and ebooks.  I actually read two books over the summer on my i-phone.

Tool #9

I think it would be fun to use Skype in my class.  Because I lived in Europe I experienced using the metric system on a daily basis.  I think students would enjoy talking to other students in Europe about how the metric system is used.  Have them explain how we used the customary system and see the responses from those in Europe.

Tool #8

Videos are great ways for students to learn.  I think they really enjoy ones that show other students learning or doing a school related activity.  I have used several you tube videos that contain raps or dances to help students remember steps to doing certain types of math problems