Monday, August 8, 2011

Tool #5

  <a href="" 
          title="Wordle: polygons"><img
          alt="Wordle: polygons"
          style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>

This is the code for the wordle I made.  When I embedded it, it showed up at the bottom of the page.  I don't understand how to get it in this section of the blog.  Anyway  I think the kids could use this to make word walls.

this is the link to the comic strip  I made for order of Operations.   I think the students would enjoy making comics to help them remember the process for solving types of problems such as adding and subtracting frations with unlike denominators.

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  1. You've made a great start! Let's get together and work on getting your codes embedded as we finish these 11 Tools..